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ECU Re-flashing

Today, the term chip tuning can be misleading, as people will often use it to describe ECU tuning that does not involve swapping the chip. Modern electronic control units can be tuned by simply updating their software through a standard interface, such as the vehicle diagnostic plug (OBD) or directly through the ECU using a boot device manager (BDM). ECU re flashing is the most common form of vehicle tuning these days, it is also the most cost effective option for tuning because it doesn't require use of the dyno as the file has been already been developed through rigorous R&D on the same vehicle on the dyno.  Both options when performed by Torque Performance, are non evasive and no soldering is required when re-flashing to prevent ECU damage. 

Torque Performance can tune a range of makes and models of vehicles. We are currently working on an update to our website with set upgrade packages and performance figures and prices. 

Generally with ECU re-mapping the vehicle becomes more sensitive to fuel types and environmental conditions, so it extremely important that the tune is developed to suit the fuel used and where the vehicle will be operated. All of Torque Performance's tunes have been developed and tested for New Zealand conditions and fuels. Our re-flash tunes are also developed to suit factory vehicles or vehicles fitted with upgrade packages designed by us, so we always recommend vehicles modified beyond this to be custom tuned as there are too many variables that will require additional adjustments.

To find out what performance increases we can offer for your vehicle, please contact us with your vehicle details and budget and will reply with prices and performance figures. If you want to go ahead with booking your tune, you can either contact us or make your booking online through our online booking system. 

ECO Tuning
Torque Performance Eco Tuning

Eco Tuning

Economy focused tuning for fuel savings and improved  emissions

Eco Tuning is an ECU Re-flash with a file that has been developed using our experience in tuning. We modify certain values and parameters of the factory tune in the ECU, depending on if its petrol or diesel, from throttle response, turbo mapping to injection duration and ignition timing, plus many other parameters, with the focus of improving fuel millage and emissions. 

Eco Tuning brings a more efficient way to operate the vehicle. In theory, the improvement in fuel economy comes at no cost to the horsepower and dynamic abilities of the vehicle. And in most cases,it brings about slight horsepower and torque improvements.

One tip we recommend customers is to avoid any plug'n'play solution for fuel economy or power improvements. While these units are convenient, as they give the user the ability to easily remove from the vehicle and some have the option for switching on and off, they do have the potential of damaging the your vehicles electronics as some need to be wired into the existing vehicle looms, or they effect the operation of sensors they are plugged into. They also can not make a varied changed to the operating elements of the engine and generally add a set percentage to what a sensor reads, to confuse the ECU into doing something else. These generic changes can effect emission control devices. fuel injection, turbo operating dynamics and many other elements of your engine which cause additional wear to important parts.

If you are looking for better economy in your vehicle, please contact us and we can advise costs and the estimated fuel saving benefits we can can make to your vehicle. 

Diesel Tuning

Diesel Tuning

Diesel engines are known to make torque, so this is our main focus when we are looking to improve the tune diesel vehicles. By improving torque through remapping will improved towing, improve fuel consumption, and mean less gear changes for comfortable driving. This service is similar to our re-flash service with the exception of vehicle's that have been modified where a custom tune may be required. 

  • Developed and tested in-house with Torque Performance's leading link-able "rolling road" dyno, specificly for New Zealand fuels and conditions

  • Up to 20% improvement in Fuel Economy (depending on vehicle & driving style)

  • Improved throttle response for a smoother driving experience

  • Suitable for both manual & automatic transmissions and for vehicles fitted with a diesel particulate filter

  • Improved low rev range Torque, which is ideal for towing

  • Programmed specifically for your car, ute, van, motorhome etc.

  • Free 3 year to revert back to factory from the date of tuning.

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.

We also offer service's to remove problematic features of select passenger vehicles such as DPF (diesel particulate filter's) , EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation valves), AdBlue etc. where they are faulty and where replacement cost outweigh the value of the vehicle. 


Dyno Tuning, Custom Tuning, Performance Dynomometer

Custom Dyno Tuning

With Torque Performance's skills & experience, and through use of our in house 4WD link-able "rolling road" dynomometer, we can design custom tunes specially developed for your vehicle to suit a vast range of conditions and fuels. These tunes are suited to vehicles where there have modification beyond factory equipment, and where the changes have effected the normal operating dynamics of the engine. These modifications consist of things like exhaust down-pipes, turbos, inter-coolers, fuel systems, engine internals (camshafts, pistons) etc.

This is also what we do when we are developing new files to suit vehicles for our re-flash service where we have not seen the vehicle before, to ensure the tunes we are developing are thoroughly tested to be safe while increasing performance at the same time. 

If you have a vehicle that has some modifications that require custom tuning or looking at doing some modifications with us and do tuning at the same time please contact us. 


Dyno days, dyno power runs

Dyno Days & Power Runs

Put a new exhaust on your car? Maybe a new intake?, Torque Performance plans to offer monthly dyno days for customers that what to see what their vehicle is making. Each run vehicle costs $99 which will include 2-3 power runs and includes a dyno print out showing power, air fuel ratio and boost providing its forced induction and we have the ability to plumb our vacuum lines into the vehicle. We can only offer a maximum space of 20 cars per day, these fill up fast so book now to secure your spot at the next available day.

We also offer individual power runs during normal business hours @ $250 for 2-3 runs and printed report. These need to be booked for first thing in the morning so not interfere with our normal dyno tuning operations. 

Unfortunately we do not offer our dyno to customers that want to tune their vehicle themselves. This is not because we don't trust your ability in tuning, but because of the new Health and Safety regulations, and we do not have insurance cover for this service.