Dyno days, dyno power runs

Dyno Days & Power Runs

Put a new exhaust on your car? Maybe a new intake?, Torque Performance plans to offer monthly dyno days for customers that what to see what their vehicle is making. Each run vehicle costs $99 which will include 2-3 power runs and includes a dyno print out showing power, air fuel ratio and boost providing its forced induction and we have the ability to plumb our vacuum lines into the vehicle. We can only offer a maximum space of 20 cars per day, these fill up fast so book now to secure your spot at the next available day.

We also offer individual power runs during normal business hours @ $250 for 2-3 runs and printed report. These need to be booked for first thing in the morning so not interfere with our normal dyno tuning operations. 

Unfortunately we do not offer our dyno to customers that want to tune their vehicle themselves. This is not because we don't trust your ability in tuning, but because of the new Health and Safety regulations, and we do not have insurance cover for this service.