Ford Ranger PX2 & PX3 - TP+ Performance Pack

Ford Ranger PX2 & PX3 - TP+ Performance Pack


210kW & 620Nm

At least +66kW & +150Nm gain over factory engine output and all done with a factory exhaust.

TP+ VNT Turbo upgrade, Garrett intercooler, Engine and Transmission dyno tune
Optional exhaust system and catch can available.

No additional plug-in units or controllers that trick the ECU are needed as this kit is designed to work with all of Fords factory systems & components.

* Please note part prices do not include fitting

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TP+ Upgraded Turbocharger

Wastgated turbos have always been limited to fixed aspect ratios, too small the turbo is choked at high speeds, and too large and the turbo fails to make boost at low speeds. VNT turbos used on the Ranger overcome this using a variable nozzle that allows the aspect ratio to be altered as conditions change, resulting in a more more efficient and better performing turbo.

The “Torque Performance Plus” upgraded turbo, retains the VNT technology but customizes it to our specified requirements. The turbo is based on a Garrett GTB2256VK unit but with the housings and nozzle custom machined to accommodate a new larger turbine and compressor wheel. A larger shaft assembly is used to improve reliability as the factory turbo is prone to shaft failures. Actuator assembly is taken from a PX2/3 turbo and modified to use with the upgraded turbo, so factory boost control is retained.

All turbo’s are balanced and individually calibrated on a VNT min-Flow bench, which allows us to precisely set VNT settings and manages the correct exhaust flow to the turbo charger.

($350 rebate if exchanging factory PX2 Turbo)



Garrett Direct Fit Performance Intercooler

The Garrett® direct fit Ford Ranger PXII 3.2L & 2.2L performance charge air cooler boasts a 218% larger core that helps reduce intake manifold temperatures by an average of 32 °C based on test data. Optimized end tanks improve air flow through the core.

  • Supports up to 499 kW

  • 218% larger core than stock

  • Installs in stock location

  • Cast aluminum end tanks

  • Advanced offset fin design

  • Bar-and-plate construction


Custom tuning (Engine & Transmission)

With access to over 200 maps that can be tuned in the factory ECU, to get the best result out of the parts, we have spent the last 12 months and 100+ hours of R&D on the dyno, developing the software to give performance gains, while also ensuring OEM drivability, reliability, and the upgrades work with all of Fords factory systems and components.



Increasing power to this level also requires the transmission to be tuned, as such, we have re-calibrated, RPM limits, shift points, shift speed and torque control to suit the upgraded components.


Because of their limiting factors, no additional plug-in units that trick the ECU, or after-market boost controllers are used, which also ensures a cleaner install.



TERRATUFF Air Oil Separator (Optional)

Inlet manifold pollution is the enemy of any diesel engine, particularly the Common Rail diesel engine found in your Ford Ranger. To counter this, Process West have developed the TERRATUFF SEPR8R, an advanced catch can system for your Ford Ranger that uses state of the art industrial filtration methods and integrates them into a seamless and properly engineered kit that will bolt directly to your vehicle.


3” Exhaust System (Optional)

While the package was developed with a factory exhaust system complete with DPF, an exhaust system is available. Choose from a DPF-back or “turbo back” Manta exhaust system – available in 3″ fully mandrel bent aluminised or stainless steel tubing, with the option of single tip or twin tip side exit.

DPF Back
Aluminised steel - $795incl
Stainless Steel - $995incl

Turbo Back (includes cat)
Aluminised steel - $1495incl
Stainless Steel - $1795incl

(Please note that removing the DPF will require an additional cost to tuning for removing DPF coding to the ECU. Additionally we are not liable for any WOF related issues for future law changes regarding removing the DPF)