2012 Audi S5


Arguably now one of the most powerful S5's in NZ if not the most powerful. I know this is a bold claim, but with both crank and supercharger pulley upgrade, Armytrix exhaust system, Integrated engineering throttle body upgrade, Forge Motorsport Charge cooler system, and Forge Motorsport Carbon intake system, this is now making 300kW at the wheels, an output we have yet to see another reach.

Tuning this we went about it a bit differently due to the IE throttle body upgrade, we needed to source IE's stage 2 throttle body tune as a starting point. With the upgrades and IE's tune, the vehicle made 278kW at the wheels which is a good improvement in its own right, as this car was only making 240kW when it arrived and it already had the crank & charger pulley upgrade and exhaust. But after modifying their tune a bit on the dyno to suit NZ fuels and conditions, we managed to hit that elusive 300kW.