Volkswagen Passat 206 R-Line - Tune fix


Another car that had a tune else where that the customer thought was a bit underwhelming and also noted the the gearbox shifting felt clunky after the tune. So we got to work with our usual process with cars that have been tuned else where or have had a download tune, is to put it on the dyno for a diagnostic run and check the power output. We then take what we find and compare it against other vehicles that are similar to see if it would be worth re-tuning.

This particular vehicle being the 206 edition, has the same engine that you would find in the Golf R, and Audi S3 of the same year, which we have done a ton of. The base run as the vehicle arrived to us, was making 202kW at the wheels. We then read the tune off the vehicle and backed it up encase we needed to put it back in and then put the vehicle back to factory as we had a matching factory file for the software numbers in our database. We then re ran the vehicle and found it was making 170kW with a factory file.

We believed we could improve on this as we normally see as much as 220kW out of the Golf R’s. So got to work modifying the file and making something custom on the dyno to suit the car. Results speak for themselves and we ended picking up an extra 13kW at the top end but found as much as 30kW extra in the mid range which is the RPM the vehicle will spend most of its time.

Super happy customer who sent us this nice message after a week of running around in the car.

“Thanks, and thanks again to Daniel, Robyn and the team there, I am more than impressed with the tune and the service, will highly recommend to anyone looking for a tune etc in the future, 10 out of 10. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

DynoTorque PowerChart_Passat_206.jpg
Daniel Antonievic