Shelby GT500 Super Snake & Shelby GT/SC


We have done two Ford Shelby Mustangs this week. The first is a Shelby GT500 Super Snake, 5.4L with a Kenne Bell supercharger making 725hp. The second car is a Shelby GT/SC 4.6L with the 500hp Vortec supercharger package. Both customers came to us looking for improved drivability and bit more power, with both having a few problems, which is not uncommon from cars imported from the US, as the tuning is developed for US fuels and conditions. 

Good gains from both, with the Shelby GT/SC going from 253kW which we  had to back out of the run early because it was getting too rich for our liking. We fixed the AFR played with some other stuff and ended up with 289kW at the wheel. The GT500 also had fueling issues running too rich, so also had to back out early on the base run, so we only got to see 392kW. But same process as the GT/SC, we got to work and finished up with 456kW at the wheels so excellent gains all round for both cars.

DynoTorque PowerChart_09SHELBYGT500SS.png
DynoTorque PowerChart_SHELBY07GTSC.png

Also managed to snap a few extra pics of the GT500

Daniel Antonievic