Jeep Wrangler - R.I.P.P Supercharger Custom Tune


We have done a couple of these now, where customers have ordered a R.I.P.P supercharger form the USA with a Diablo sport unit and a base tune to suit the kit. The problem is everyone we have seen has a whole list of problems running on NZ based vehicles. The other issue is that the Diablo Sport software is not very functional when trying to solve these issues. 

On this vehicle we ended up ditching the Diablo Sport and opted to go for HP Tuners which gives us access to a tom more maps in the factory ECU to modify to create a tune that is better suited to the supercharger install. The Diablo Sport can still be used for data logging and for checking and deleting error codes in the ECU.

With HP Tuners we fixed up the issues, got the tune finished and finished up with 153kW at the wheels, we didn't get a base run as the charger was already fitted to the vehicle when we got it.

DynoTorque PowerChart_Jeep_Wranglerv6_RIPPS.png
Daniel Antonievic