Honda Accord Euro CL9 - Ktuner dyno tune

A regular service customer bought his car in for a re-tune as he was continuously was having issues with the the engine light coding with a fault relating to air/fuel mixtures too rich. Diagnostics on the dyno found that everything was looking good at wide open throttle but at partial throttle it showed some errors in the tune that was causing the car to run far too rich.

We got to work and re-tuned the whole the fuel and timing maps at partial throttle to fix the issue. This resulted in drivabilty around the roads vastly improved, and should now not cause an error light to come on and also improve fuel consumption.

Also for the power, we found a few extra kW peak power ending up with 133kW at the wheels (before was 130kW) and around 5-10kW more in the mid range at wide open throttle.

Daniel Antonievic