Holden Commodore SSV Redline - Cam package, DOD/AFM Delete, Dyno tune

Just finished this week, is this very tide Commodore SS-V Redline wagon that previously had a stage 2 setup with long tube headers and an OTR (over the radiator intake) and tune, which made 245kW at the wheels. 

As soon as the vehicle arrived it was on the hoist for Alex to pull the motor apart to do an AFM/DOD delete and install a new cam. The AFM  (Active Fuel Management) also known as Displacement on Demand (DOD), is a cylinder shut down feature on GM's modern engines, that help improve fuel efficacy by around 5-7%. The issue with the system from a performance modification perspective is that due to the AFM system actuated by unique lifters, it greatly restricts camshaft grinds that increase valve lift due to limitations in the lifters. The AFM system is also an additional function that is prone to failure and has been attributed to oil consumption issues.

The AFM/DOD delete kit requires the heads to be removed to replace the lifter assembly with non AFM factory L76 Lifters and all the supporting hardware to support the change. Camshaft choice was a mild 224/232 camshaft from VCM which suited the customers requirements for something that adds performance but without affecting idle and drivability. 

Once the car was all back together, it was back on the dyno for a re-tune to suit the modifications. Final result was 273kW at the wheels which was lower than expected, as this setup usually makes around 290kW at the wheels. We put this lower number down to the factory exhaust system still fitted to the car (only has headers fitted) which will be restricting exhaust flow. With a full exhaust to help it breath better we should see around 290kW. 


DynoTorque PowerChart_Commodore SSV CAM AFM DELET.png
Daniel Antonievic