I recently decided to upgrade my vehicles exhaust from a 2.5" Cat-Back system to a full Turbo Back system. This meant swapping out the stock downpipe for a new high flow aftermarket unit. After doing all of the necessary research I quickly discovered that this would result in unwanted check engine lights from the O2 sensor due to the increased flow. It was highly recommended to have the vehicle tuned after installing the downpipe resolve these issues.
I reached out to Torque performance via their website looking for some advice and to query whether this was something that they would be able to assist me with. Within an hour (and this was rather late in the evening) Daniel was on the phone to me and we were able to discuss my situation and go over all of my concerns. The vehicle is brand new and also my daily driver so above all I wanted it to remain safe and reliable.
Daniel was able to talk me through everything and put any concerns to bed. The very next day the down pipe was installed and the vehicle dropped of at Torque Performance for it's tune. The service was brilliant. A courtesy car was provided and it was all done before I knew it. The provided photos and video of my vehicle on the Dyno were an unexpected bonus and really appreciated.  
They were able to take care of the O2 sensor issue for me and then optimized the entire package. Sorted out the air fuel and upped the boost. The increase in power is nice, but it is the increase in Torque that is the most noticeable, especially down low where the car now pulls so much harder. What was already an incredibly fun car to drive is now that much better.
In the past friends have had their cars tuned (by Torque Performance) and raved about it. The cost had always put me off a little. But now, after having my own vehicle tuned, I understand. It is the best bang for you buck when it comes to getting more performance from your vehicle.

Rick, Auckland