2010 BMW 123d

Great work from you guys! Very happy with the results, completely different animal! Cheers.

BMW 335i

These guys did a great job servicing and tuning my BMW 335i. Definitely notice the difference with the extra 37 killawatts at the wheels and a lot more responsive on the throttle with the extra 100nm of torque they found after they were finished with it. Thanks guys.

Subaru WRX STi V8

Recently I posted in Club Sub looking for a Tuner in Auckland after having a bad experience with another.
I was recommended Torque Performance and it was an amazing recommendation. I immediately inquired on the website and got a reply and phone call minutes later. The customer service was immaculate, their knowledge base is impressive and they clearly seem to be one of the most experienced (if not best) tuners you can find in Auckland.
My car was tuned soon after making contact and the results are phenomenal. It went from a pretty quick STi to a absolutely mental STi making 233kW ATW. Care was taken of my pride and joy and an excellent product was delivered.
I'd definitely recommend their serviced as they are most certainly competent in what they do!

Ben Davies - Auckland

Subaru Forester XT

Got a chip tune on my 2002 Subaru Forester xt manual, super pleased with it and pulls much better! Hoping of importing an 2008 Sti in a couple years and will definitely be bringing that as well! 

Thanks guys

Bryn Shepherd - Auckland

Ford Fiesta ST

I recently decided to upgrade my vehicles exhaust from a 2.5" Cat-Back system to a full Turbo Back system. This meant swapping out the stock downpipe for a new high flow aftermarket unit. After doing all of the necessary research I quickly discovered that this would result in unwanted check engine lights from the O2 sensor due to the increased flow. It was highly recommended to have the vehicle tuned after installing the downpipe resolve these issues.
I reached out to Torque performance via their website looking for some advice and to query whether this was something that they would be able to assist me with. Within an hour (and this was rather late in the evening) Daniel was on the phone to me and we were able to discuss my situation and go over all of my concerns. The vehicle is brand new and also my daily driver so above all I wanted it to remain safe and reliable.
Daniel was able to talk me through everything and put any concerns to bed. The very next day the down pipe was installed and the vehicle dropped of at Torque Performance for it's tune. The service was brilliant. A courtesy car was provided and it was all done before I knew it. The provided photos and video of my vehicle on the Dyno were an unexpected bonus and really appreciated.  
They were able to take care of the O2 sensor issue for me and then optimized the entire package. Sorted out the air fuel and upped the boost. The increase in power is nice, but it is the increase in Torque that is the most noticeable, especially down low where the car now pulls so much harder. What was already an incredibly fun car to drive is now that much better.
In the past friends have had their cars tuned (by Torque Performance) and raved about it. The cost had always put me off a little. But now, after having my own vehicle tuned, I understand. It is the best bang for you buck when it comes to getting more performance from your vehicle.

Rick, Auckland


To Robin and the team at Torque Performance

I recently purchased a VW Golf GTI Mark 5 and was considering enhancing the performance of it. After meeting with Robin and viewing his process I was more than happy to get the ECU reflashed. The whole experience of dealing with Robin and his team was brilliant. A courtesy car was provided and the job was completed by early afternoon. Little things like checking with me that I had not left anything in my car that I needed for the day was a great touch.I picked the car up and then drove back to work with a grin on my face. The performance increase is fantastic and the car drives exceedingly well.I'd have no hesitation in recommending Robin and his team.


BMW M5 V10

To Robin & the team at Torque Performance

What was already a brilliant car that I thought couldn't possibly get much better, after the ECU reflash and Dyno tune - has exceeded my expectations and now delivers not only more power, but low-end torque and great drivability. The car pulls insanely hard after 6,000rpm right through to a redline of 9,000rpm.The video of the car on the dyno that was given to me afterwards is a great memento of the occasion. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Robin and Torque Performance to anyone considering getting their car tuned, great to deal with, and well-priced for the results they will deliver!

Thanks again
BMW E60 M5 5.0litre V10


Ford FG G6E Turbo

Robin said the Falcon turbos "go well” with a tune.  He was under statedly right as per usual.  The car’s performance has improved significantly and is using less fuel. I happily recommend Torque Performance, as Robin’s level of expertise and customer service is second to none.

With best regards, 

Rob Clarke 
Falcon G6E Turbo

Nissan Navara 550 Diesel

Hi Robin,

Coast Concrete Construction has had 2 of its Nissan Navara’s (both the 450 and 550) in service since November and after the visit to Torque Performance the additional power that these Utes have now is quite outstanding really! Low speed acceleration and off the mark has improved significantly, also the towing performance has increased remarkably. Fuel economy has also worked out quite well too. In the future with any new vehicle purchases, we’ll most certainly be sending it in to have it performance enhanced.

Regards, Zhann Smith

Volkswagen Golf R MK6

Hi Rob,

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with yourself and the team. After hearing a few stories about friend's "unsuccessful tunes” I admit I was a bit sceptical about someone playing with my "new toy”.
After phoning and speaking with three different tuning companies I felt most confident in yourself and Torque Performance. You were happy to explain about the tune and what I could expect.
The Golf R not only performs a lot better in the standard drive mode, it now uses less fuel. Sport mode now is pretty much insane with the car only knowing one speed - fast! I have no problem recommending you and the team to anybody else not wanting to drive a "standard car".

Rob Andrews.
2009 VW Golf R.
Chip Tune +

Nissan Navara 450 Diesel

Hi Robin,

Coast Concrete Construction has had 2 of its Nissan Navara’s (both the 450 and 550) in service since November and after the visit to Torque Performance the additional power that these Utes have now is quite outstanding really! Low speed acceleration and off the mark has improved significantly, also the towing performance has increased remarkably. Fuel economy has also worked out quite well too. In the future with any new vehicle purchases, we’ll most certainly be sending it in to have it performance enhanced.

Regards, Zhann Smith

Mitsubishi EVO X

To the management of Torque Performance,

Once again both Robin  and David gave sound advice with both pre-purchase and Performance improvements. After discussing options to suit a number of budgets, we settled on a package that has increased performance whilst still retaining everyday drivability.   The improvements have now made this car the complete package.  

Mark Torok
2008 Evo X Owner
Chip Tune +

Ford Territory 2.7 Diesel

Hello Guys.

Thanks so much to Rob and Dave for the tune you performed on my 2013 Territory 2wd 2.7 litre TDCI, I am absolutely thrilled with the results.
It now drives so much better, no more wondering if you can pass and it is a dream when towing, hills are no problem even with the 6.5m boat in tow. Most people can't believe it when I say it's a diesel. This is my second vehicle tuned by Torque Performance and when I get something else I'll be going back.

John Logan .
2013 Ford Territory 2.7 TDCI

Chip Tune +

Chrysler 300C SRT8 6.1

Hi Rob,

The team at Torque Performance did a remap and tune on my 300c SRT8.
There was a noticeable improvement in Throttle response straight off but further up the road the extra torque and power became apparent, the down shift through the auto trans came in much sooner allowing you to get the revs up quicker and use the extra torque.
The car is a lot more fun to drive with faster acceleration, better throttle response especially tweaking it on and off through a winding road and faster shift down through the gears.
The modification wasn't that cheap having to buy the trinity as well but after having the performance benefits from it i would spend the money and do it again.

Chris Moore.
Chrysler 300c SRT8
Custom Diablo Trinity Tune

Audi A8L 4.2 Diesel 258 kW

Hi Rob

The performance of my Audi A8L 4.2TDI was great at 258kw but after a visit to Torque Performance it’s now 298kw. My 1st impression was WOW. Such a difference in performance making a great car even better and more fun. This is the second Audi the lads have done for me with both giving OUTSTANDING results and yes you do save fuel as well.

Well done team

Dean Agnew.

2011 Audi A8 4.2 Diesel

Chip Tune +

Ford FG G6ET

Hello Guys

Rob assured me he would make my 2009 Falcon G6ET a fabulous car to drive, more power, more economy and MORE FUN. He was right! Mid range power was up over 35% and the maximum torque about the same plus the economy is better as well, the last 15,000 km has averaged  10.6 l/100 km. 4 Years on and it is still GREAT FUN to drive, in fact it is a little insane if I want it to be, thanks guys.

John Logan.
Ford Falcon G6ET
Chip Tune +

Holden Colorado 2.8 Diesel

Hi Rob.

Great job on the ute,even the auto feels much better by not up shifting too early anymore.

Merry Christmas to you and the team.

Tim Strange.
2102 Holden Colorado 2.8 Diesel
Chip Tune +

Holden Colorado 2.8 Diesel

Hi Rob

I have to admit to having some doubts as to what the level of gain would be but it far surpassed my expectations. As soon as I got out onto the highway and put my foot down the difference was very noticeable, the tuning has completely changed the characteristics of the ute and for the better. It has gone from being your average and normal diesel ute to being so much more responsive.

Craig Ross.
2102 Holden Colorado 2.8 Diesel

Chip Tune +

Volkswagen Golf R

Hi Rob.

I did my research on the upgrade of my VW Golf R and decided to use Torque Performance. They didn't disappoint in any way at all, from a walk through / inspection of their facility to the loan vehicle.

The service and professionalism of the company was outstanding. The upgrade has been very successful and the difference is most noticeable.

I would highly recommend Torque Performance.

Paul Fielding.
VW Golf R  
Chip Tine +

Volkswagen Golf GTi MK6

Hi Rob,

Having looked around at different options, Torque Performance looked to be a good choice for my wife’s MkVI Golf GTI. Checked out the other testimonials and a few other references before getting in contact. I have to say that from that point forward, the service was excellent. Prompt contact, flexible booking (because I was making the trek to Auckland), a loan car during the day and follow-up.

As for the actual chip and tune, noticeable straight away with the improved torque curve and a nice subtle change in gear shifts. Definitely quicker with some added urgency when accelerating hard – should be a lot of fun when my wife takes it on the track next. Noticeable improvement on fuel economy as well – makes you wonder why VW doesn’t do this as standard.

Great upgrade for the $$. Wife very happy.

Patrick Harnett.

VW Golf GTi MK6

Chip Tune +

Audi RS4 4.2 B7

Just a quick word of thanks

"Thanks to Robin's work, I now have a car that is more responsive and fun to drive as well as making more power. I was very dubious about tuning having had poor results from another tuner, but Torque Performance have transformed my vehicle. I’ve noticed better acceleration, more power across the rev range and have picked up 12 kilowatts at the wheels. Awesome tune Robin, thank you very much”

Jeremy Wilson.

2006 Audi RS4 B7

Chip Tune +


Ford Territory Turbo

Hello Robin.

I won't be calling on your 14 Day money back guarantee as there was a noticeable difference, drives awesome.

Many thanks 
David Glazer : 2010 Ford Territory Turbo

BMW E90 335D 2009


Thank you Robin and the team at Torque Performance for tuning my E90 335D. The end result was even better than what I was expecting.
After the tune I could feel the throttle response became much quicker than stock, with the extra HP and torque, now the car feels much more agile and faster. One thing I noticed later is that the engine now produces more power all the way through the rev range, it continues to pull even after 3500 rpm and does not fall off at 3400 rpm like factory tune, Impressive. Overall I am very pleased with the tune, all around the car was is now a lot more fun to drive. I would highly recommend Torque Performance ltd to anyone who is considering getting a tune.
Kind regards Alan Jiang : E90 BMW 335D

Range Rover 3.6 TD8 200 Kw


A few comments for your testimonial section.
Quick, efficient, convenient and trustworthy and the improvement to my car is noticeably different. An all round excellent experience from some very knowledgeable guys. You get the   "Only deal with good buggers" tick.

Richard : Range Rover TDV8

Holden VE SS 6.0

Hello Robin,

I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent job done to my SS Commodore, I found your service to be of an excellent standard and of high quality , the difference in driving was beyond what I thought it would be , My wife now wants to drive my car all the time. 

Regards  Calvin Furmage

Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 Turbo 2012


Thanks for the tune. The car drives like a dream. The ramp of power and response to throttle is freaking perfect. It has exceeded expectations and I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

Greg Carter.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 Diesel 2012

Hi Rob.

Just wanted to thank you for the work and Dyno tuning that you did on my 2012 jeep grand Cherokee CRD, Honestly it has been an amazing change in power, puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. My wife noticed the throttle response and she doesn't even drive it hard. Just so you know some petrol turbo AWD cars only managed to pass the jeep after forth gear while falling behind by 3 car lengths at the take off, by then its to little to late for them....couldn't be happier, Thanks mate.

Zarik Khan.

Audi S4 3.0 FSi V6 Supercharged

21 July 2013

Hi Robin,
Many thanks for the Chip Tune + reflash your Company performed on my supercharged Audi S4 . The car drives how it should of from the factory with great torque and and in particular a huge difference in top end power. Awesome.

Raoul Mcintosh : 2009 Audi S4 FSi V6 Supercharged

Ford FG XR6T

5th June 2012

Hi Robin:
This email is let you know my appreciation on the recent tuning you've done for my FG Falcon XR6T. When I collected the car I could instantly feel the car is a different  to what I am used to driving. Thanks for the good work, the lower end torque and quicker throttle response gave a smile on my face. Robin is very helpful on the phone as well, He gave me some honest advise and described what I should expect after tuning. I strongly recommend Torque Performance and Robin to any Falcon owners who are looking for good tuning.

Regards Marx Zhou

Nissan Skyline GT350

19th May 2013

I am very happy with the results of the tune from Torque Performance. There is a very noticeable improvement in power throughout the RPM range. Interestingly, despite the improvements in performance fuel economy is the same if not slightly better than before. I would happily recommend Torque Performance to anybody looking to get the most out of their vehicle.

Regards, Nathan  Nissan Skyline GT350

AMG Mercedes-Benz E55 5.4

Hello Robin,

I have known Robin for 10yrs and have used Torque Performance to Dynotune several cars.  Over that period he has always been willing to help and give me the best advice on what modifications would work best. My latest project is an E55 AMG which Torque Performance ECU flashed and the results are amazing.  The low down torque is mind blowing and with the confidence of reliability as a daily driver will certainly recommend Torque Performance for any tuning or modifications.

Thanks Shayne Goffin AMG Mercedes Benz E55

Mazda3 MPS 2.3 Ser 2

To the Team at Torque Performance.

How do you get a Generation 2 Mazda MPS from 190kW to 227 kW with no bolt on modifications at all?

The answer is easy take it to Torque Performance Ltd! I have had the pleasure of getting my car tuned by Torque Performance and I could not be happier.
The most noticeable difference is the dramatic increase in torque in the first three gears (this is limited by the factory) and the smooth power delivery, instead of a massive drop in power at around 6000rpm the car holds on stronger up to redline with optimal shift is around 5500rpm.

The best part of the tune is the grin inducing side effect of a very fast spooling turbo as you will easily lose traction if you are heavy footed in first and second gears, fuel usage has not suffered under normal driving conditions and is still a very pleasant drive around town.

If you are looking at getting more (in my case a lot more!) out of your MPS then I can recommend a tune from the team at Torque Performance.

Dylan Wilson, Mazda 3 MPS 2009 Chip Tune +

AMG Mercedes Benz C63 6.3

To Robin and the team

From the moment I walked everything looked professional.

Like anybody you have your doubts when someone is mucking around with your pride and joy. But that fear was quickly put to rest by Robin.

I picked up the car the next day and was presented with a sheet with the old and new out puts and have to say upon driving, it has given the car some extra mid range kick.

I`m very impressed with no problems with the car what so ever after the tune.

Thanks again and will recommend anyone needing such services

Kind regards

Stefan Tolich  2008 AMG Mercedes Benz 6.3 Chip Tune +.

BMW M3 E46

Hi Robin

I would just like to say a big thank you for everything Torque Performance have done for me on my car.
I am very impressed with the efficiency of work carried out, also that you kept me informed of the progress of work being done, as I was over seas at the time of the installation of the supercharger on my M3.

I will be getting my car serviced at Torque Performance from now on.

Once again many thanks.

Kind Regards

Garry Short BMW E46 ESS Supercharged.

Volkswagen Golf GTi MK6 DSG

Hello Robin

After 1 year

Thanks for the wonderful service. The GTi is now an even better car, improved fuel economy, more power and massive torque. I have had the tune to a year and 40,000 kms of trouble free driving. You and your team do a fabulous Job. No-one who has driven it is disappointed.

After 2 years

Hello Robin

After another year, and two years since you performed your magic on my GTi Golf the car has performed faultlessly. When you said to me "Don,t be worried with warranty issues" I thought it was just a sales pitch but I am happy to say you were correct, No engine faults, no DGS problems, Just 2 years of fun motoring. Thanks again and I will be back with my new car soon. A fabulous car made so much better with the extra torque. It is still a pleasure to get into each day.

Cain Chapman MK6 VW Golf GTi 2.0 DSG


Audi A4 3.0 TDi

9th January 2013

I have been keeping a Log of my fuel costs since the upgrade and have been impressed with the improvement in both the economy & performance: between 5-6 ltr/100@100kph no problems, half what I was getting from my A3 1.8T petrol..an easy 800 kms from a tank full and i'm certain it'd go even further if my shoes weren't so heavy.

What I thought was already and amazing car to drive, with plenty of power is now more than doubly so: it's fantastic what you have been able to do to it: I just love getting out on the open road. Going up those long hills over the Napier-Taupo road has become effortless, My friends cannot believe its a Diesel !

I was originally in two minds as to whether it really needed this 'upgrade' but now are so please and I know I made the correct choice: well worth the outlay and I have been more than happy to tell any other (Audi) driver i happen across.

I found Torque Performance both pleasant & professional to deal with. Can well recommend your services to anyone considering it.

Kind Regards Wayne Gibson Audi A4 3.0 TDI

Holden Commodore

23 November 2012.

I switched all my servicing and performance work to Torque Performance back in August 2011 and could not be happier with the decision. The value for money is the best I have experienced in the performance industry. Despite offering top level quality, the costs have been very competitive, fair and transparent. In my opinion, in New Zealand, nobody does it better even though others charge more.

My company car is a VT Commodore SS and when I approached Robin about doing a custom turbo charging project with it, he listened to all my wacky ideas, and accepted the challenge. He received the car with mild mods and it put down 215rwkw.

Torque Performance then added a Kelfords custom cam, Harrods TruTrac diff and associated parts to prepare the car for boost. It made 250rwkw before the turbocharger was fitted.

As it was the first rear mount turbocharged set up in New Zealand (that we know of) the project got dubbed "The Weird Thing” and like any project that is a first, it became a learning experience. Yet the project was handled with honesty and integrity, class, humour, patience, and going beyond the call of duty. They spent 20 hours just getting the drivability right because the injectors were not perfect. I know damn well I never got charged for all of that. The final result is a credit to them.

The car drives exceptionally well, has no vices, put down 333rwkw (around 415kw at the engine) at just 6lb boost, and returned 9.09L/100km on a highway cruise. Now with the colour co-ordinated big brakes they fitted today, it stops like it goes – hard.

Thank you Torque Performance, Robin in particular for putting up with my weird ideas, teaching me when I got it wrong, doing it right, and giving me the best daily driver I have ever had.

You have a long term customer with me and I have (and do) highly recommend your company to anyone in need of quality performance work or servicing they can trust.

Barry White  Holden Commodore Owner

Volkswagen Touareg V10

12 November 2012

Torque Performance were great to deal with and I'm very pleased with the results of the performance tuning. The power band has expanded noticeably and having just run the 1st full tank the fuel efficiency gain is surprisingly good, getting about an exta 80 Kms per tank around town which is a 15%-18% improvement !

Richard Harrison VW Touareg V10 R50

Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D

"I was searching for a dependable & reliable plug in power upgrade for my D4D 3.0L Turbo Hilux and looked at most units available on the market. I was still unsure of what would be the best option, so i thought i would call Rob at Torque Performance who i have dealt with for several years now and see if he could recommend one.

Rob told me about his Original Tuner Box and said i would be very happy with it. From my experience with Rob and the team at Torque Performance, i didn't doubt what he said. So i took my Hilux in to get one fitted because after fitting a heavy front & rear bull-bar to my Hilux, it made the already under powered Hilux more sluggish.

After picking it up, i noticed the difference in power straight away when pulling out onto the main road from Torque Performance. Heading up North and going up the Brynderwyns in 4th gear was definitely the proof in increased power for me. Especially as the standard D4D 3.0L Turbo Hilux is gutless.

Overall, my experience dealing with Rob and the team at Torque Performance would be 10/10. Friendly, helpful and very professional and Rob always has an ear to listen to your questions or queries. As for the Original Tuner Box, i would happily recommend it to anyone who needs the extra torque/power for towing boats, heavy trailers, off-roading or just plainly to have it on tap. From what my Hilux was to what it is now is a major upgrade in performance and money well spent. I'm more then happy with it."

Howie Dumbleton 2012 Toyota HiLux 3.0 D4D

FPV 5.0 Supercharged

I have had Robin and the team tune 3 of my cars over the years, And what a great experience they have all been.

The 1st was  my xr6 turbo tuned by Robin back in 2005, the car was transformed with many k/ms under the belt the car has performed flawlessly.

The 2nd was  my supercharged harley F150 with the same results.

The 3rd and latest Robin and his team have tuned is my new FPV supercharged gtp , what a difference a tune does to these cars.

All these experiences with Robin and his team have been friendly and smooth, you can tell they value there customers, and go that extra mile. The customer and the finished product, are always their priority before the price. I live in Taupo and even though there are closer tuners I know I'm getting the best : ie value, service, and vehicle reliability, plus I enjoy the rapport we have built up over the years.

Thanks again to Robin and the team.

Shaye Williams :  FG GTP Supercharged 5.0

Audi RS4 4.2 B7

Hello Robin

Thanks for the performance ecu tune you did on my 2008 Audi RS4.

It was good to speak with someone who was prepared to take the time to show me around your workshop and I was especially impressed with your dyno room as I had been told by another tuning company that there was no one with a dyno that could run my car successfully, Needless to say I am rapt with My car and your companies professionalism.

Alan Perkinson AUDI RS4 V8 2008 Chip Tune +.

Mazda6 2.2D

I and happy with the end result with more noticeable power all the way through the rev range from the ECU Remap & removal of the restricting & problematic DPF filter from my 2009 Mazda 6 2.2D.

Thanks again for all your help & making it all very easy regardless of the distance involved.

I would have no trouble recommending Robin & Torque Performance to others in need of enhancement & or Modifications.

Clint Henderson, Mazda 6 2.2D MZRCD 2009 Performance and DPF Tune

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK5

I brought in my 2005 VW Golf GTI to be re flashed and have seen huge gains since. Its almost like a completely different car !

The Service Robin & the team provided was great, as was the follow up calls to make sure I was happy with the job they did.

I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know, and will be back for more work.

Sean Childs, VW GTI GOLF MK5 2005 Chip Tune +

Volkswagen Passat TDi 2.0

Just writing in to thank you guys for the Outstanding Job you guys have done tuning my 2007 Passat TDI 2.0

Being the Lower Spec TDI model it was always sluggish, it now performs like it should!

Everything feels Smoother and happens more efficiently 6 Months on and the effects of the tuning still feel great today.

This is the Third car you guys have tuned for me and, The great results, great people and great service is why I always come back!

Anton Barbarich VW Passat TDi 2007 Performance Tune

BMW M3 E92 V8

I was pleasantly surprised with the power and torque gains you found on my 2007 E92 m3 BMW and I have really noticed that the engine has a nice crisp feeling to it since the tune, Thanks again for the wonderful job.

Peter Leece, BMW M3 E92 2007 Performance Tune

Mazda3 MPS 2.3 Ser 1

Thanks for the recent re-tune of my 2008 Mazda 3 MPS…. I should have gotten back to you sooner but I have been too busy enjoying my increased horsepower.

I am very happy with the service provided and of course the results. This is defiantly the best bang for your buck mod you can do to your MPS!

James Middleton, Mazda 3 MPS 2008 Performance Tune

Ford FG XR6T

Just a few quick words to let you know how rapt I am with the work you did on my XR6T.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend the day at Pukekohe race track. The remapping of the turbo and gearbox to my FG Turbo made a big difference particularly to the low end torque out of the corners and onto the back straight it just kept hauling!

Murry Cambell Ford FG XR6T 2010 Performance Tune

Lotus 211 Race car

Hi Robin

I have had my Lotus 211 for the last year and have always thought it could run better.
I fitted a extractor system and small pulley to the 1.8 super charged Toyota 2ZZG engine to improve the power and torque.
How ever the standard ECU could not handle the changes and the engine ran very rich and would not idle.
I was advised to purchase a fully adjustable ECU which is made by Simply Sports Cars in Sydney.
This was fitted to the 211 and then the vehicle was taken to Torque Performance in Auckland and David Wallace spent a couple of hours on their dyno and sorted out the tune to the point where the car is now achieving 208Kw at the crank shaft with a very flat toque curve.
I have just completed 15 laps at Hampton Downs and found the performance on the track to be terrific.
This has really put a smile on my face.
Russell Burling Lotus 211 Owner