General & Performance Vehicle Servicing

Why use us as your service partner?

Torque Performance is an MTA approved workshop and our sister company "Torque Performance Honda Service Centre” is West Auckland's approved Honda service agent. With our team of experienced factory trained technicians who have a passion for performance cars and our fully equipped hi-tech workshop, we are your perfect service partner.

Why service your car ?

Like anything mechanical, you must maintain it in order to prevent damage to your vehicle and keep it functioning at its best. Even if your car is not driven often, it is important that the basics are checked and serviced regularly throughout your vehicle's life. Changing oils, checking brakes, tyres, bushes and other fluids is all part of keeping you safe on the road.

All new cars have a factory warranty and most second hand cars will have an after-market extended warranty. This warranty covers your car for items including engine, transmission, clutch, and interior/exterior components. During the warranty period most manufacturers and after-market warranty companies require that your car must be serviced in a correct and timely manner to validate the warranty. We make sure we are well versed in different manufacturers requirements and are an approved service agent for most warranty companies. Servicing your vehicle at Torque Performance gives you total confidence that your maintenance or repairs are carried out to the highest degree. We also use manufacturer approved parts to ensure your warranty is not jeopardised.

When it comes to selling your car, one of the first things most prospective buyers want to see is the service handbook. They want some assurance that you've looked after your vehicle and that they're not going to be stuck with surprise problems. Regular servicing at Torque Performance gives you permanent records that will assist with the sale of your vehicle. This works to your advantage because it demonstrates that you have maintained the car by having it serviced by top quality technicians using top quality parts.

What to Expect From A Torque Performance Service:

A friendly reception and prompt attention.
A thorough consultative interview to ensure all your requirements are fully understood.
Complete transparency. Once we have completed our diagnosis, we will advise you upfront what needs to be done, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and what your expectations should be.
All prices will be clearly illustrated and explained.
Should additional work be required, we will contact you in advance for approval.
Assurance that the service will be performed to the highest standards every time.
A full report and explanation on work performed and costs involved, upon collecting your car.

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