When this top of the range unit came up it had been something discussed for a while, and too good of an opportunity to pass up. The dyno in question is an American made Mustang unit built into a trailer with the ability to estimate 1/4 mile runs. This is their latest model and has only had about 30 hours of running. It was great to get something so new and hi tech. 

Robin headed over to Sydney to inspect the dyno which ended up being better than he expected. Happy with the purchase, paperwork was completed and the dyno was transported to a safe location. All that was needed was to arrange the shipping to get it to NZ. 

The dyno arrived safely in New Zealand and procedures will shortly be under way to begin expansion of Torque Performance tuning into the world of motorcycles. 

If you want more info, please call Robin on (09) 828 7054 for more info.