Custom Supercharged VX Monaro
10-Jul-2015,  By Daniel Antonievic

This latest VX Monaro has been a long term project. It began life as a 3.8 factory supercharged V6 and has since had many variations of engine & supercharger upgrades. Now the car has recently gone through a complete transformation to its latest and most powerful version.

The Ecotec V6 3.8 block has now been stroked to a 4.2lt with a Comeracing stroker kit complete with forged rods, pistons and racing steel crankshaft and has ZZP port/polished heads which were sourced from the US. Camshaft is a custom design developed in house by us at Torque Performance and is complemented with Yella Terra roller rockers. The short block was put together by Glendene Engine Reconditioners with the long block and engine installation finished by us.

Supercharger is a Yella Terra Whipple kit with intercooler running 17psi. Fuel system has been upgraded with bigger pump, surge tank, injectors and fuel rails. Cooling has also been improved with a Fenix full aluminum radiator and external engine oil cooler. The Monaro began its life as an Automatic which has now been chucked out and replaced by a Tremac TKO 5 Speed manual with custom flywheel and twin plate clutch which was installed by The Gearbox Factory.

Originally in factory form this car made 140kW at the wheels. The final results on our dyno after a tune, the Monaro made 314.5kW (421HP) at the wheels, a massive improvement and more than double the original power.