We are working hard to manage and reduce the environmental impacts associated with our business. Due to the nature of our business working with motor vehicles, vehicle waste such as oils, engine fluids (radiator, brake fluid etc) and metal waste (oil filters) can be harmful to health and have a large impact on the environment.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment as much as possible through a combined approach of recycling, correct waste management and using sustainable materials.

Recycling is critical to managing our carbon footprint in the short to medium term. Torque Performance Ltd is already ahead of our industry peers in this regard through our systems in place and recycling partners. Recyclable materials such as engine oil, oil filters, metal (steel, aluminium etc.), batteries and paper/plastic waste, are stored safely and are distributed to our environmental partners for processing.

Waste Management
Managing hazardous waste that has large environmental, health and safety impacts is an important issue that we take very seriously. All waste is handled and stored in approved leak proof containers to minimize these hazardous materials entering into waterways and damaging our environment. It is disposed of safely and processed through our environmental partners.

Using Sustainable Materials
Reducing our carbon footprint in the long term requires us to use sustainable materials such as items that are renewable, reusable or biodegradable. We are committed through research to use the latest materials available to us that have a low environmental impact. 

Minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations is an important part of our sustainability program. We are always assessing options to reduce resource consumption and waste. Performance and initiative reports are done annually in order to monitor our environment sustainability program and we will continue to report to key stakeholders on our progress.

Stakeholder Engagement

As part of our commitment to operating a sustainable business and to maintain our ethical and corporate social responsibilities, Torque Performance Ltd engages with a range of stakeholders on a regular basis. We have identified our key stakeholders by analysing those groups that are intrinsically linked to, are affected by, or could have an effect on, Torque Performance's operations.

Our key stakeholders include our customers, employees, shareholders, community groups, government and regulators, and our major suppliers. A summary of our stakeholders and our process of engagement is provided below.

We engage with our customers directly face to face, through direct marketing campaigns, Service/WOF reminders, direct calling and through our website. Customer satisfaction is monitored through surveys run through an external company and is reported back to us to provide us with how our customers feel about our service and gives us insight into areas that need improvement.

Torque performance Ltd engages with our employees on a daily basis through direct staff communications, annual staff satisfaction surveys as well as internal and external training and development.

Torque Performance Ltd engages with its shareholders through monthly shareholder briefings from management. These monthly briefings consists of monthly financial and performance reports, sustainability reports, monthly customer engagement surveys and future issues such as direction of marketing.

Government and Regulations
Our engagement with government and regulators is coordinated by management. We engage directly with government departments such as the New Zealand transport agency with biannually checks of our WOF officers and through local counsels on issues such and health and safety and building compliance.


Torque Performance Ltd engages the community through philanthropic ventures by investing in local charities such as "The Radio Network Children's Fund" and supporting local education by involving ourselves in the "Gateway Tertiary Education Commission", by undertaking local college students introducing them to our workplace environment and providing a structured learning program in the vehicle technician industry. 

Torque Performance Ltd engages directly with suppliers through procurement, contract execution and ongoing contract management.

Sustainability Governance

Torque Performance Ltd is committed to positioning the company for the long term. We operate responsibly by developing strategies and practices to holistically manage our economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities.

A key part of our company is our commitment to becoming a more sustainable business. In July 2012, our management formalised a vision for the company to become a sustainability leader in the vehicle technical industry. By offering university education to management staff to learn and implement new sustainability strategies for the company as well as entering into the West Auckland Business Awards to peg ourselves against other industry leaders to a global standard.